• Capacity 3300lbs, AC drive  

 Lift height from 63" to 177"

48V/360AH battery & top brand key components
  • RT-15ST-2
  • RT-15ST-1
Distinguishing mark 1.2 Manufacturer‘ type designation
1.3 Drive(electric,diesel,petrol,gas,main electric)
1.4 Type of operation(hand,pedestrian,stand on,rider picker)
Stand on
1.5 Load capacity/rated load Ibs 3300
1.6 Load center distance in 19.7
1.8 Load distance,cenre of drive axle to fork in 15.0
1.9 Wheelbase in 58.3
Weight 2.1 Service weight  incl.battery Ibs 7986
2.3 Axle loading,unladen front/rear Ibs 4972/3014
2.4 Axle loading,fork advanced,laden front/rear Ibs 1848/9438
2.5 Axle loading,fork retraced,laden front/rear Ibs 4312/6974
Tires, Chassis 3.1 Tyres(solid rubber,superelastic,pneumatic,polyurethane)
Polyurethane (PU)
3.2 Tyres size,front in 13.5x5.5
3.3 Tyres size,rear in 10.5x4.2
3.5 Wheels,number rear /front (x=driven wheels)
3.7 Track width,rear/front in 39.8/19.7
Dimensions 4.1 Mast/fork carriage tilt forward/backward
4.2 Lowered mast height in 133.8
4.3 Free lift in 108.7
4.4 Lift height in 315.0
4.5 Extended mast height in 348.8
4.7 Overhead load guard(cab)height in 91.7
4.19 Overall length in 88.4
4.20 Length to face of forks in 52.2
4.21 Overall width in 44.5

Fork dimensions

in 1.4/3.9/36.2
4.25 Width over forks (min/max) in 7.9/30.0
4.28 Reath distance in 22.0
4.31 Ground clearance in 3.1
4.34 Aisle width for pallets 800X1000 cossways in 106.1
4.35 Turning radius in 68.9
4.37 Length across wheel arms in 73.0
Performance data 5.1 Travel speed,laden/unladen mph 15.3/15.3
5.2 Lift speed,laden/unladen ft/s 0.92/1.05
5.3 Lowering speed,laden/unladen ft/s 1.15/1.02
5.4 Reath speedm,laden/unladen ft/s 0.3/0.4
5.8 Max.gradient performance,laden/unladen
5.10 Service brake
Electric- motor 6.1 Drive motor rating S2 60 min HP 7.4
6.2 Lift motor rating at S3 15% HP 11.5
6.3 Battery acc.to DIN 43531/35/36 A,B,C,no
6.4 Battery voltage,nominal capacity K5
6.5 Battery weight Ibs 1496
Additional data 8.1 Type of drive control
AC-Speed Control
8.2 Operating pressure for attachments psi 1596
8.3 Oil volume for attachments cuft/min 1.41
8.4 Sound level at driver's ear according to EN 12053
Comfortable and beautiful design
Modernized design of the control pedal and the damping pedal ensures comfort during operations.

Mast system
The mast has the reach forward function which allows the truck to store goods without the truck moving itself, which is convenient and safe. High quality imported C-shape mast ensures that the vehicle achieves the load capacity.

Emergency button
Safe and convenient configuration of the emergency button, one push shuts off all power, which greatly increases safety.

The mast piping system comes with speed limit safety valve, effectively controlling the rate of lowering of the goods. High quality craftmanship and materials ensures better performance in harsh conditions.

Buffer system for fork lowering and mast forward/backward

Buffer system for fork lowering and mast forward/backward movement increases vehicle safety and operating comfort.

Electronic control functions
The electrical energy, timing, fault display is easy for operators to understand the vehicle's condition and to perform the right maintenance. The surface of the electrical components is water and dust proof, the design of fully enclosed central control unit makes the circuit more simple and reliable.
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