PS35/44L SL

Professionaland heavy-duty electric stacker with excellent performance


Italian ZAPIController 

German ACdrive motor and gearbox

24V/270Ahindustrial battery for PS35L SL, 

24V/350Ahindustrial battery for PS44L SL

Italian ZAPI Battery discharge indicator with hour meter

Operatorprotection Plexiglass 

Adjustablebase legs I.D. 33” to 45”, O.D. 48” to 60”

Fork size: 45.3”Lx 10~28.7”W

9" x 2.95"polyurethane drive tire 

3.3" x 3.3"polyurethane load wheels

Emergencypower disconnect 

Ergonomiccontrol handle with horn button and belly button

Dualbutterfly-style thumb controls 

Crawl speed button forsafe operation in tight spaceKey switchlimits access to approved personnel

Travelspeed: 3.4mph (unloaded), 3.7mph (fully loaded)

Proportionallift to have accurate control of the lift height                                                                                                 

Optional fork-overtype available

Optionalfull free lift 

Available lift height 2 stage masts 114”/126”/141” for both PS35LSL and PS44LSL

                                                  3 stagemasts 169”/181”/208” for PS35LSL, 

                                                  3 stagemasts 157”/169”/181” for PS44LSL,

Download Brochure: PS35L/44L SL

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Type sheet for industrial truck acc. to VDI 2198
Distinguishing mark1.2Manufacturer`s type designation PS 35L SL(4600)PS 44L SL(4600)
1.3Power (battery ,diesel, petrol, gas, manual) Battery
1.4Operator type Pedestrian
1.5Load Capacity / rated loadQ(lbs)35204400
1.6Load centre distanceC(in)23.6
1.8Load distance ,centre of drive axle to forkx(in)27.226.5
Weight2.1Service weightlbs32193748
2.2Axle loading, laden front/rearlbs2205/45422425/5732
2.3Axle loading, unladen front/rearlbs2249/9702227/1521
Tires, chassis3.1Tires Polyurethane (PU)
3.2Tire size, frontÆxW (in)Ф9×2.95
3.3Tire size, rearÆxW (in)Ф3.3×3
3.4Additional wheels(dimensions)ÆxW (in)Ф5.9x2
3.5Wheels, number front/rear(x=driven wheels) 1x+1/4
3.6Track, frontb10(in)20.5
3.7Track, rearb11(in)43.1-54.9
Dimensions4.2Lowered mast heighth1(in)8388
4.3Free Lift heighth2(in)6060
4.4Lift heighth3(in)178178
4.5Extended mast heighth4(in)200205
4.9Height of tiller in drive position min./ max.h14(in)33.5/54.5
4.15Height, loweredh13(in)1.97
4.19Overall lengthl1(in)78.984.1
4.20Length to face of forksl2(in)33.638.8
4.21Overall widthb1(in)32.3/(48-59.8)
4.22Fork dimensionss/e/l(in)1.6x4.7x45.3
4.25Distance between fork-armsb5(in)10-28.7
4.32Ground clearance, centre of wheelbasem2(in)1.3
4.33Aisle width for pallets 1000X1200 crosswaysAst(in)100.6105.3
4.34Aisle width for pallets 800X1200 lengthwaysAst(in)99.5104.4
4.35Turning radiusWa(in)66.170.5
Performance data5.1Travel speed, laden/ unladenmph3.5/3.73.4/3.7
5.2Lift speed, laden/ unladenfpm25.6/39.425.6/39.4
5.3Lowering speed, laden/ unladenfpm39.4/27.639.4/27.6
5.8Max. gradeability, laden/ unladen%6/126/10
5.10Service brake Electromagnetic
Electric- engine6.1Drive motor rating S2  60min    HP1.72.3
6.2Lift motor rating at S3  10%     HP4.34.3
6.3Battery acc. to DIN 43531/35/36  A, B, C, no 3VBS3PZS
6.4Battery voltage, nominal capacity K5   V/Ah24/27024/350
6.5Battery weightlbs506634
6.6Energy consumption acc: to VDI cyclekWh/h1.591.79
Additional data8.1Type of drive control AC- speed control
8.4Sound level at driver`s ear acc. to EN 12053dB(A)69



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