• Compact hydraulic design with all safety components complying to EN1570.
 High pressure cylinder with dual safety function.
• The tried and trusted lift table with sturdy construction.
 Multiple uses such as: lifting and lowering materials, level compensation when fitting machines, installations in conveyor system etc.
• Hard chrome plated piston rods.
 Lift and lower by easy push buttons to reach the ergonomically correct working height.
 With emergency off switch and a 118 inches long control cable.
 With different loading capacity up to 6600lbs for your demand.
  • HTF-G1
Model Capacity
Length of table
Width of table
HTFG44 4400 lb. 0.75 61-1/2" 45" 39-1/2" 4"
HTFG22 2200 lb. 0.75 57" 45" 30" 3-1/4"
HTFG11 1100 lb. 0.75 40" 24" 30" 3-1/4"
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