HP-ESE-Weight Indication

• The HP ESE44/55 is built on the head of a standard hand pallet truck, which makes it different from all conventional pallet truck scales, the single fork structure contains no scale components and the forks keep their original dimensions.

• Capacity: 4400 lbs. in 11 lbs. steps;
Scale functions: zero correction, total weight;
Electronic lifting height indication;
Power supply: 2 standard 1.5V AA/LR6 batteries;
Possible to reach 3,000 weighing on a set of batteries.
Original fork dimensions; Splash proof: IP65.
• The "First weight indication system with electronic height indication" the ESE44/55 is used and assembled on a standard traditional hand pallet truck, only one single chassis needed only, and that makes the big difference from all other traditional hand pallet trucks with scales, which need systematically a double chassis.

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Weight Indication Pallet Truck
Item/Type    HP-ESE44
Capacity Q Ibs 4400
Min.Fork Height h13 Inch 3
Max.Fork Height h1 Inch 7.7
Handle Height h14 Inch 48.1
Steering Wheel Inch φ7x2
Load Roller D1 Single Inch φ3x3.7
Tandem Inch φ3x2.8
Fork Size Inch 6.3x2
Fork Overall Width b5 Inch 21/27
Fork Length I Inch 48
· Only 2 keys needed for operation. New: Totalization function!

· Indicator powered by two AA batteries (2*1.2-1.5V), which are locate behind a sealed cover. 
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