DF55 & DF66 - Economy Pallet Jacks

• Professional and ideal storage aid for all variety of manual transport tasks over short distances in stores, warehouses and factory plants.

 Compact and ergonomic design with maximum capacity of 5500 lbs. for the DF55 and 6600 for the DF66

• German WAGNER pain system ensures best powder coating and painting quality.

 All pivot points are greased to ensure excellent maneuverability and effortless steering. The chromed bearing bushes and joints ensure quiet running application and a particularly long service life.

  • DF- Standard Popular2
  • DF- Standard Popular1
Hand pallet truck
Item/Type    DF55 DF66
Capacity Q Ibs 5500 6600
Min. fork height h Inch 2.95" 2.95"
Max.fork heght h1 Inch 7.5 7.5
Steering wheel Inch φ7" x 2" φ7" x 2"
Load roller Single Inch φ2.75" x 3.7" φ2.7" x 3.7"
Load roller Tandem (Special Order)Inch φ3" x 2.8" φ3" x 2.8"
Size of fork e*s Inch 6.3" x 2.4"
Width overall forks B Inch 27" | 21" | 18" (Special Order)
Fork length I Inch 48" | 42" | 36" | 32" (Special Order)
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