ACX22M-Manual single-stage cylinder

The ACX 22M / ACX 22E is a manual and electric scissor lift pallet truck with 2200lbs capacity and 32 inches maximum lifting height; designed to be used for work as a lifting table, marshalling table, work bench or as a standard hand pallet truck.

• Closed forktips and reinforced chassis ensures long lifetime.
 Ergonomically designed and comfortable handle with higher grip casing.
• Single cylinder for robustness and less maintenance.
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Single Cylinder Mannual Scissor Lifter
Item/Type    ACX 22M
Capacity Ibs 2200
Fork Height Raised Inch 31 1/2
Fork Height Lowered Inch 3 3/8
Fork Length Inch 46
Fork Width Inch 6 1/4
Width Across Forks Inch 20 1/4 27
Width Between Forks Inch 7 3/4 14 1/2
Caster Dia. Inch 7   
Caster Material   Polyurethane
Caster Type    2 Swivel, 2 Rigid
Overall Length Inch 68   
Overall Width Inch 23    28   
Overall Height Inch 50   

1. Robust chassis with reinforced forks (additional parts). 


2. Chassis with robust upper steering bearing for less friction and steering force. 


3. Anti- tilting skid 


4. Reliable wiring with protection. The built-in charger makes operations more autonomic and increases the operating range.


5. Verified and tested structure. 

6. Fulfilling valid European standards. 

7. ACX 22E with key switch.


8. If loaded pallets are frequently lifted, the ACX 22E with the electric lifting button makes lifting easier and more comfortable.

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