ACE/ACL-Special Size

 Diverse fork sizes based on requests, lengths of 32,35,39,46,48,59,71,79, 98,118 inches and widths of 20,21,27 inches are available.

 Maximum load capacity up to 7700lbs.
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Super Long or Wide Pallet Truck
Item/Type    ACE44 ACL44 ACL77
Capacity  Ibs 4400 7700
Min. Fork Height Inch 2.9/3.3 3.3
Max.Fork Heght Inch 7.5/8 8
Steering Wheel Inch φ7.1x2/φ8x2 φ8x2
Load Roller Single Inch φ2.9x3.7/φ3.2x3.7 φ3.2x3.7
Load Roller Tandem Inch φ2.9x2.7/φ3.2x2.7 φ3.2x2.7
Size of Fork  Inch 6.3x2 6.3x2.4 6.3x2.4
Width overall Forks Inch 33/33.5/40 21.3/27 21.3/27
Fork Length Inch 43/45/48 59/70/79 59/70/79
· Diverse fork sizes based on requests, lengths of 32,35,39,46,48,59,71,79,98,118 inches and widths of 20,21,27 inches are available.
· Maximum load capacity up to 7700lbs.
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